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Please feel free to share.  Avon Reps in the UK no longer have an “order day”.  We have an ordering period for each campaign which lasts for 3 weeks.  The “cut off” date is the 21st day of that ordering period.  The cut-off time is dead on 6 o’clock in the evening (18.00 hrs) so I always recommend to everyone that they should aim to place their last order 2 days before the cut-off date.  This allows for any hiccups such as laptop not working, busy day, children poorly etc etc.  Also, orders with Avon are now cumulative throughout the campaign (3 week selling/ordering period).  e.g. if you make 3 orders and they are all below £87 but their TOTAL is more than £160 you have earn 25% commission.  Your order value will also mean that you will earn 25% next month regardless of how high or low your order is! So…. how to place the order….

Firstly.  Log in to your Avon website.  http://www.avon.uk.com.

Step 1:

step 1

Step 2:   Have a read and then click Continue.

step 2

Step 3

Click on Start My Order to get started.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.13.30

Step 4 will show you your order form. Select Customer by default should show your name – not ‘Your Name’, but YOUR name.  I enter all orders under my name.  The reason for this is that if you start entering all your customers details it can be time consuming and you probably won’t have all the details requested for each customer so it just keeps it simple to keep everyone’s order going in on your name.

Enter the product number, check to see if the description listed online matches what you see on the order form. Occasionally the customer might give you a wrong order number so always worth double checking at this stage.


If you see the below warning, double check the product number against the brochure and against the item your customer has selected.


Sometimes you might see the red error message above, it’s because the wrong campaign number is selected.


Sometimes people might want to make an order out of the previous brochure.  You can do this by altering using the little drop down arrow.  If you look below, you can see how  to change the campaign number and order that item from the previous brochure.


Once you have finished inputting your orders, you want to click on Save Order.  If you don’t want to send your order yet, you can stop here.  Your inputted orders will be saved in the system until it’s time to submit them to AVON.

You can save your orders as you go along or you can save them all up until the end of the selling period and input them all at once.   Please remember that your Avon site will “time out” after 1/2 hour so please do save as you input to stop you losing a load of orders and having to start all over again!

Let’s assume now that we are ready to submit our order to AVON.

Below the order input area we see the Brochure Order area.  Brochures come in packs of five. Here I’ve selected 4 packs of C14 (circled in pink), so 4 packs is 20 brochures. The section I’ve circled is the next campaign. Avon usually recommend we order 2 campaigns ahead.  So it is recommended you order brochures for whichever campaign is showing as highlighted in red.  So for example if you were placing your campaign 13 order you should order however many packs of 5 of campaign 15 that you think you will need.

Update your order.

Step 19

If you look at the image below, you’ll see a menu which is currently showing Sales Tools highlighted. Since you have already saved some orders, go ahead and click on Sales Tools. There are three categories within Sales Tools; Samples, Sales Aids and Stationery.

In the image below, you are already in the Samples section. Here, you are able to order various samples of different types of products. You can also view and order samples from the First Look brochure. It’s always great to have some samples on hand. In the case of a potential customer who is unsure, ordering them samples of some products they might be interested in could be the way to swing the deal.


Within Sales Aids, you are able to order supplementary items that help improve sales and overall business.

One of my favourites out of this category is the Beauty for a Purpose Loyalty Cards. I give one with a customer’s first order, offering them 10% off after so many orders with a minimum spend of  £10. You can do your own offer and set your own discount or even offer a free gift if they complete the loyalty card. It’s completely up to you. Ring sizers are another thing that can come in handy as customers don’t always know what size they need.

Step 14

The last category, Stationery, is where I order the most from. This is where you’ll order Customer Order Forms, Bags for your customer’s orders, Calling Cards, etc.

Calling Cards are a must-have!

Step 15

Select the quantity of any Sales Tools you’d like, click Add To Order and then select Continue.

You are now taken to Order Demos where you get a look at the current First Look brochure. The First Look brochures have some great demo prices and Rep deals – always worth a look.

Select Continue.

step 9

The next page will take you to Your Offers. This is where you double check if you are making MOV/HOV.   MOV is orders totalling £87 or more.  To achieve HOV and qualify for the 25% discount, you’d need an order of £160, however as explained above, this amount is now cumulative across the 3 week ordering period.

Remember that any brochures and Sales Tools ordered will count towards reaching the MOV/HOV. If you are still falling short of the required amounts, you might want to consider ordering additional products and/or a Bargain Bag/Box to meet your quota. It’s great to have extra products to use in Flash Sales, car boots or giveaways. If you find that you don’t sell these items, you can always return them.  Why not order yourself some shampoo or conditioner? Virtually everything I own is Avon!  This way I get bargains myself but more importantly I am able to advise my Avon customers about the products they are interested in.

Select Continue.

step 10

You are now shown your Order Summary. The Order Checklist at the top of the image below is helpful as it can be a reminder that we haven’t ordered something important, like brochures.  The red Xs are showing that I’ve not ordered any demos. It also shows that I haven’t processed any credits or replacements. As this is a first order tutorial, you don’t need to worry about that yet.

You can Expand All to view the current order, but if you make any changes you need to remember to select Update Order.

You also need to make sure your Delivery Information is correct and up to date.

You need to enter the number of customers who have placed an order for this campaign, make sure the email listed is correct and then select View Subtotal.

step 11

Nearly done!

This is where you will get a final chance to check that you’ve ordered everything you need. You can also see what your earnings should be on this page as well.

step 12

Now you can submit your order to AVON  😉

Hope you found this useful