Are you Christmas-ready?


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Here at Avon UK Beauty Leaders we are really excited to see that it’s 1st December already.

We love Christmas! What’s not to love? Christmas decorations, Christmas markets, not to mention all the Christmas presents! We have Christmas covered with the fabulous range of gift ideas and amazing value for money our Avon brochures and Avon online stores offer.

We don’t have to worry about the expense because as Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders we get our Avon trade magazine so have access to our fabulous products early and at hugely discounted prices. Add to that the earnings that being an Avon rep brings in and you can see we’re on to a winner from day 1!!

If you’re worried about the cost of Christmas it’s really not too late to jump on board our Christmas money train! With no joining fee (waived for now) and your free business starter pack exclusively when you APPLY HERE you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

But don’t delay, Apply Today to take full advantage of this amazing work from home opportunity!

Join us in enjoying a stress-free Christmas! We look forward to welcoming you on board.



How to place your Avon order


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Please feel free to share. ¬†Avon Reps in the UK no longer have an “order day”. ¬†We have an ordering period for each campaign which lasts for 3 weeks. ¬†The “cut off” date is the 21st day of that ordering period. ¬†The cut-off time is dead on 6 o’clock in the evening (18.00 hrs) so I always recommend to everyone that they should aim to place their last order 2 days before the cut-off date. ¬†This allows for any hiccups such as laptop not working, busy day, children poorly etc etc. ¬†Also, orders with Avon are now cumulative throughout the campaign (3 week selling/ordering period). ¬†e.g. if you make 3 orders and they are all below ¬£87 but their TOTAL is more than ¬£160 you have earn 25% commission. ¬†Your order value will also mean that you will earn 25% next month regardless of how high or low your order is! So…. how to place the order….

Firstly.  Log in to your Avon website.

Step 1:

step 1

Step 2:   Have a read and then click Continue.

step 2

Step 3

Click on Start My Order to get started.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.13.30

Step 4¬†will show you your order form. Select Customer¬†by default should show your name ‚Äď not ‚ÄėYour Name‚Äô, but YOUR name.¬† I enter all orders under my name.¬† The reason for this is that if you start entering all your customers details it can be time consuming and you probably won’t have all the details requested for each customer so it just keeps it simple to keep everyone’s order going in on your name.

Enter the product number, check to see if the description listed online matches what you see on the order form. Occasionally the customer might give you a wrong order number so always worth double checking at this stage.


If you see the below warning, double check the product number against the brochure and against the item your customer has selected.


Sometimes you might see the red error message above, it’s because the wrong campaign number is selected.


Sometimes people might want to make an order out of the previous brochure.  You can do this by altering using the little drop down arrow.  If you look below, you can see how  to change the campaign number and order that item from the previous brochure.


Once you have finished inputting your orders, you want to click on¬†Save Order. ¬†If you don’t want to send your order yet, you can stop here. ¬†Your inputted orders will be saved in the system until it‚Äôs time to submit them to AVON.

You can save your orders as you go along or you can save them all up until the end of the selling period and input them all at once. ¬† Please remember that your Avon site will “time out” after 1/2 hour so please do save as you input to stop you losing a load of orders and having to start all over again!

Let’s assume now that we are ready to submit our order to AVON.

Below the order input area we see the Brochure Order area.  Brochures come in packs of five. Here I’ve selected 4 packs of C14 (circled in pink), so 4 packs is 20 brochures. The section I’ve circled is the next campaign. Avon usually recommend we order 2 campaigns ahead.  So it is recommended you order brochures for whichever campaign is showing as highlighted in red.  So for example if you were placing your campaign 13 order you should order however many packs of 5 of campaign 15 that you think you will need.

Update your order.

Step 19

If you look at the image below, you’ll see a menu which is currently showing Sales Tools highlighted. Since you have already saved some orders, go ahead and click on Sales Tools. There are three categories within Sales Tools; Samples, Sales Aids and Stationery.

In the image below, you are already in the Samples section. Here, you are able to order various samples of different types of products. You can also view and order samples from the First Look brochure. It’s always great to have some samples on hand. In the case of a potential customer who is unsure, ordering them samples of some products they might be interested in could be the way to swing the deal.


Within Sales Aids, you are able to order supplementary items that help improve sales and overall business.

One of my favourites out of this category is the Beauty for a Purpose Loyalty Cards. I give one with a customer’s first order, offering them 10% off after so many orders with a minimum spend of  £10. You can do your own offer and set your own discount or even offer a free gift if they complete the loyalty card. It’s completely up to you. Ring sizers are another thing that can come in handy as customers don’t always know what size they need.

Step 14

The last category,¬†Stationery, is where I order the most from. This is where you’ll order Customer Order Forms, Bags for your customer’s orders, Calling Cards, etc.

Calling Cards are a must-have!

Step 15

Select the quantity of any Sales Tools you’d like, click Add To Order and then select Continue.

You are now¬†taken to¬†Order Demos¬†where you get a look at the current¬†First Look¬†brochure. The¬†First Look¬†brochures have some great demo prices and Rep deals ‚Äď always worth a look.

Select Continue.

step 9

The next page will take you to Your Offers. This is where you double check if you are making MOV/HOV.   MOV is orders totalling £87 or more.  To achieve HOV and qualify for the 25% discount, you’d need an order of £160, however as explained above, this amount is now cumulative across the 3 week ordering period.

Remember that any brochures and Sales Tools ordered will count towards reaching the MOV/HOV. If you are still falling short of the required amounts, you might want to consider ordering additional products and/or a Bargain Bag/Box to meet your quota. It’s great to have extra products to use in Flash Sales, car boots or giveaways. If you find that you don’t sell these items, you can always return them.  Why not order yourself some shampoo or conditioner? Virtually everything I own is Avon!  This way I get bargains myself but more importantly I am able to advise my Avon customers about the products they are interested in.

Select Continue.

step 10

You are now shown your Order Summary. The Order Checklist at the top of the image below is helpful as it can be a reminder that we haven’t ordered something important, like brochures.  The red Xs are showing that I’ve not ordered any demos. It also shows that I haven’t processed any credits or replacements. As this is a first order tutorial, you don’t need to worry about that yet.

You can Expand All to view the current order, but if you make any changes you need to remember to select Update Order.

You also need to make sure your Delivery Information is correct and up to date.

You need to enter the number of customers who have placed an order for this campaign, make sure the email listed is correct and then select View Subtotal.

step 11

Nearly done!

This is where you will get a final chance to check that you’ve ordered everything you need. You can also see what your earnings should be on this page as well.

step 12

Now you can submit your order to AVON¬†¬†ūüėČ

Hope you found this useful


Join Avon UK Today


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Avon UK is a network marketing business.  Therefore when you become an Avon Representative you join a team.  Our Team is Team BB.  

Choosing which team to join can be a bit of a minefield so put simply if you join our Avon team you will be joining a team that has won awards for growth and top sales for the past 5 years every year.   Our Avon website is however you can also Join Avon at   We believe that the secret to our success is that we support each and every representative within our business network so that you can earn as much money as you want to.  As an Avon Rep in our team, you will receive your first 2 campaigns worth of brochures FREE with your Team BB Start-up pack (again exclusive to people joining our Avon Team).  As a member of our network, you will have access to your own personal team leader who will train you and support you whenever you need it.  You will also get your very own Avon website, access to a 24 hour Avon helpline and the best bit Рyou will get your very own online shop where you can sell Avon products 24/7 so promote yourself efficiently and you can literally be earning money while you sleep!  

Our Team also pride ourselves on supporting one another. ¬†I can honestly say, hand on heart, that within our Avon team you will not be just ‘left to get on with it’. ¬†We all support one another. ¬†We have a very strong network and are always on the lookout for new team members to help us grow even stronger and win more awards and make more money! ¬†

We have our own team pages on face book where we can all ask questions and where I post useful info on a regular basis, as well as having regular meetings and giving out awards and prizes of our own within our Avon network.  

Not only this, we have the Fast start Programme for those representatives who want to take their business further and become team start £16000

You Earn Bonuses and additional commission depending on how many people you recruit and upon your own team’s group sales. How Amazing is that? ¬†AND you can work your business around you and your lifestyle!! ¬†Who doesn’t know a couple of people that would like to increase their earnings? ¬†Particularly this time of year when Christmas is looming! ¬†So if all this sounds good to you, drop me a line today and I look forward to welcoming you to our award winning Avon UK network very soon. ¬†

APPLY HERE For More Information and/or to Join Avon with us.

It is possible to build a successful business whatever your age with AVON. I did it at 50. So can you….


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This post was updated and edited on 25th July 2017:

Here is a short testimonial summing up my Avon journey so far. ¬† The reason I wanted to do this blog is to show you that with Avon it really is possible to build a thriving business and achieve your goals. ¬†At 48 years old, I literally felt that I was on the ‘scrapheap’ job-wise until I found this Avon opportunity. ¬†With hard work, determination and my Avon business I have been able to forge a very successful career and I now lead a huge Avon team! ¬†With no knowledge of Network Marketing, my partnership with Avon has made it possible for me to build a huge business that turns over millions of ¬£¬£¬£’s a year! ¬†It’s actually incredible when you sit and think about it! ¬†My confidence has gone from zero back to the real me and I am here to say to you “If I can do it, so can you!” ¬†


My name is Berni Broadley and¬†I am 54 years old. I have four¬†children and 2 grandchildren. My older three¬†have now all grown up and ‘flown the nest’. It is now just me, my hubby and Kyle (now 14) at home.

My journey with¬†Avon¬†started because I was trying to get hold of the Avon perfume ‘Far Away’¬†for my daughter, Becky (who was then 17). I had no idea where to get it from, so thought “well, if no one is doing¬†Avon¬†around here, why don’t I give it a go?”¬†When I searched the internet and started looking into it, I noticed the “Avon Sales Leadership” opportunity. It made perfect sense to me to be both an¬†Avon representative¬†and sales leader. ¬†I didn’t see why not do one without the other. ¬†¬†So I applied and¬†became an Avon Lady and an Avon Sales Leader.

communicate social media 

I had very little training or support when I first started out 7 years ago. ¬†I had to fight tooth and nail for every little scrap of progress I made. ¬†This is not the case nowadays though I have to say. ¬†Avon have a fantastic support network in place these days for all new sales leaders. ¬†There’s a brilliant Fast Track Bonus Scheme which didn’t exist back then, set up largely because Avon is a company that does listen to it’s employees and partners. ¬†Avon realised that it’s newer sales leaders needed a strong earnings scheme to help support them whilst they were growing their business and commission levels. ¬†fast start ¬£16000

There is also now extensive online training for all new Avon Representatives and Sales Leaders, as well as regular meetings held locally and nationally, which you can choose to go to but they are not obligatory. ¬†My¬†Avon Sales Leadership business¬†took a little while initially to get going, as most direct selling businesses do,¬† but I learnt from my mistakes.¬†I¬†did everything the hard way but sometimes that’s a good thing. It wasn’t ‘handed to me on a plate’ and I had to really fight against all the criticism being levelled at me by cynical but well meaning¬†family and¬†friends. But I believed in what I was doing and just kept going.

¬†boss lifeI am naturally quite a shy person, but once I set my mind to something I am very determined. ¬†I have always been very stubborn but like most of you reading this no doubt, I have had really tough times during my life and I think this ‘toughens’ you up – makes you a more persistent and tenacious person. ¬†Sometimes it is useful to have had ‘bad’ experiences in life – as long as you make sure you learn from them! ¬†

After around 2 years, my business really started to pick up pace. ¬†I was awarded the UK’s Top Avon Advanced Sales Leader.¬†I was awarded ¬£1,750 worth of gift vouchers –¬†amazing!¬†I was so proud and thrilled that my hard work was being recognised.

A year later,¬†I was ranked 5th in the prestigious “top 20 UK AVON Sales Leaders”, rewarded with a trip to Marrakech: All expenses paid!! That year my team achieved an unprecedented 400%increase in sales in just 12 months! I also won the 1st prize as¬†Top Executive Sales Leader in the UK.¬†I was¬†rewarded with 2 Louis Vuitton Hand luggage¬†and ¬£500 worth of shopping vouchers. Very nice thank you!

I have also been awarded 1st place as: Top Executive Avon Recruiter and Highest Avon Executive Increase in Earnings. What a year!! Once again, I am so proud that my faith and hard work paid off.    I have since been awarded with a holiday in Tenerife, a holiday in New York and a holiday in the Algarve, and next year, so proud to have finished 4th for an all expenses paid trip to Seville staying in an exclusive 5 star hotel!! WOW!!

One of the Highlights of my Avon career so far is being awarded ¬†Avon¬†Team of the Year. ¬†I feel this is such a massive achievement because it’s not just me that achieved this, it’s an award for the whole of my¬†Avon¬†team and it was an incredibly proud moment being presented with this award in 2015 as a testimony to what a fantastically supportive team we are. ¬†I have been lucky enough to recruit some of the best sales leaders in the business and we all support one another. ¬† I firmly believe that the key to success in network marketing is Helping Others To Succeed. ¬†Well it has worked very well for me so far in any case.


So once again I am here to say “If I can do it, so can you”. ¬†When I first started out with Avon I knew nothing about network marketing. ¬†In fact I knew very little about Avon if I’m really honest, and since I’ve learned everything the hard way, I reckon joining my team would be a good move for you, as I am in a position to let you know all the ‘pitfalls’ and what will work for you to help you grow a successful business like mine. ¬†Or hopefully, more successful than mine!! ¬†With Avon the sky is the limit. Apply Here today and say Hello to the rest of your life with:

     Berni Broadley:

Hope to speak to you soon & be the one to help you start out on your very own incredible journey with Avon.

Berni Broadley x

Avon is For Everyone


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We are looking for people just like you to Join Avon.

Avon is for Everyone!  Why?

Do you want to start a Self Employed Career with the back-up of a global Company that has been in business for 130 years? ¬†Become an Avon Sales Leader. ¬†Training and Support if Free. ¬†You commit to how much you want to work and Earn and you have a clear guide with the help of the Avon’s Fast Start Bonus Programme

Do you want to Earn Just a little extra money to pay for those little extras?  Join Avon as an Avon Representative

Do you want to work with a brand that sells itself? ¬†Avon is a household name. ¬†Everyone has heard of Avon. ¬†In our brochures there is something for everyone. ¬†From make-up and skincare to body care and jewellery. ¬†From after shave to great gift ideas to clothes, PJ’s and underwear. ¬†So no pushy sales pitch required and no need to feel you are burdening people because Everyone Loves Avon!

Do you want to Earn a little extra on top of your current wage?¬† It’s never been easier to sell Avon now that you can sell throughout the UK online, and you can take your brochures in to your place of work for colleagues to buy from

Do you want to Earn Extra money and not have to go out knocking on doors? ¬†¬†Join Avon and sell Online. ¬†Avon deliver and you still get commission (t’s & c’s apply)

Do you want to meet your neighbours?  Join Avon and take on a round (covering houses locally with your avon brochure will get you out and about meeting people)

Do you want to work ¬†with a Global company that supports great charities such as Shelter, Refuge, Crusade against Breast Cancer? ¬†Avon does all this and more…..

Do you want to Earn enough money to pay for Christmas and earn yourself some extra products?  When you Join Avon UK you could receive £350 worth of products across your first 4 orders!

Would you like to get automatic discount in thousands of shops, stores and organisations countrywide?  All Avon Representatives enjoy discounts through corporate benefits called WOW benefits and earn points too.

We can tailor YOUR Avon Business to suit YOUR needs.   Simply give me a call or apply on the website:  and we will contact you to guide you through how Avon can work for you and your lifestyle.    No obligation.

Speak to you soon,

Love Berni x






Even More Reasons to choose AVON


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Remember my previous post “Why choose Avon?” ¬†Well now there are even more great reasons to become an Avon Representative! ¬†Here’s why!!

To celebrate 130 years of #Avon, Avon UK have come up with an amazing offer. ¬†If you choose to Become an Avon Representative across campaigns 12, 13, 14 (roughly the next few months) you will have the opportunity to get over ¬£350 worth of products Absolutely Free across your first 4 orders. ¬†Here’s how:

When your first order totals £160 or more you will get the blue box absolutely free! (remember to add the relevant code when you place your order)

When you 2nd order totals HOV or more you get the pink box absolutely FREE!

3rd order the orange box FREE

4th order.  A Tabitha Webb Designer handbag ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

When you consider that the average monthly Avon customer order is £20 this is not a difficult target to hit!

You will still be able to access these kits even if your orders are less but for a small cost at a fraction of what they’re actually worth (eg ¬£15 for the pack worth over ¬£90 and so on……)

So… what are you waiting for? ¬†Contact Me Today to join our Award Winning Avon Team and start earning and winning with Avon! ¬†


Why Choose AVON?

So you have decided that you want to Work From Home but you’re really not sure where to start. ¬†There are so many different companies out there all claiming to have¬†the best opportunity. ¬†It’s confusing to say the least!¬† I’m not going to say if you Become An Avon Representative that you will be earning ridiculous amounts of money within weeks. ¬†That would be wasting your time and mine.

What I can do¬†however is share with you some of what my experience with Avon so far has been. ¬†And also how just a few of the team are finding how working with Avon works for them. ¬†To hear from some of the team, just pop across to our “success stories” page¬†or simply click here:¬†SUCCESS STORIES

Personally I did lots of research before I ultimately decided to Join Avon. ¬†I remember seeing an interview on GMTV with an incredibly successful lady who was earning over ¬£250,000.00 pa¬†thanks to her Avon business (It¬†didn’t happen overnight though – she had been an Avon Representative and Sales Leader for 7 years – and it took lots of hard work, time¬†and commitment on her part but it just shows what is possible with this¬†company). ¬†You can see the video clip of this interview on the home page of this website or simply click on the image below.

¬†One of the things that most attracted me to the Avon Earning Opportunity was the fact that they didn’t want any money up front like many of the other network marketing companies did. ¬†There was no compulsory “kit” to buy. ¬† I wasn’t going to be out of pocket before I had even started.

¬†When I first joined Avon I decided I was going to cover houses locally because I was new to the area and I thought it would be a great way of getting to know people in the area. ¬†I was right. ¬†It was not long before people were calling me their Avon Lady. ¬†Now I have to be honest with you and say that unlike some of my fabulous team members, some of whom are achieving fantastic sales from day 1,¬†my sales at first weren’t great. ¬†I was disappointed. ¬†I expected to make loads of money straight away with very little effort. ¬†But then when I actually sat and thought about it logically, I realised that distributing my brochures around was a little like owning lots of little Avon shops. ¬†I needed to promote my products and be persistent and reliable.



Once people knew I was to be trusted, they would buy more from me and my Avon brochures.   Sure enough, my sales steadily increased.  Christmas was absolutely brilliant!  I sold so many of my Avon products it was amazing.  What was a complete surprise for me was that as my business grew, so did my confidence.

For me it was a no-brainer to Become an Avon Sales Leader as well as An Avon Rep.  It was another Earning Opportunity and it meant I could do as much or as little as I wanted.  I could now go Full Time Avon if I wanted to. I found that seeing my Avon team grow was a great feeling.  Once I had people in My Avon Team asking me if they too could become an Avon Sales Leader the business just got more and more exciting.

¬†I was soon a full time Avon Representative and Sales Leader and loving every minute. ¬† The table below shows Avon’s current “Fast Start” Bonus scheme for anyone wanting to become a sales leader. ¬†Still not impressed?¬†¬† Would you believe that this doesn’t include the commission you earn as a representative and sales leader. ¬†These bonuses are ON TOP OF your 2 commission incomes from Avon and they are paid to you EVERY 3 WEEKS!

As you can see, I passionately believe in the Work From Home opportunity from Avon. ¬†It is such a buzz helping people to grow their Avon businesses. ¬†There is nothing else on earth I would rather do. What’s more, ¬†you can now sell Avon online anywhere in the UK. ¬†When you Become An Avon Representative, you are given your very own Online Shop. ¬†You can share the link to your Online Shop with everyone and anyone and they can order their Avon from there.

To give you an idea of how smart and slick this Online shop is, here is the link to mine: ¬† Berni’s Online Avon Store

“What I have found so far though, funnily enough,¬†¬†is that most people still absolutely love to see the good old fashioned¬†Avonbrochure, despite the fact that Avon have done a fantastic job keeping up with modern technology. “

So I have found that since I have Become an Avon Representative I have grown a business from humble beginnings and disappointing sales to a huge team of 1000 representatives and sales leaders.

What I knew about Avon or indeed about selling or network marketing when I first started on this exciting journey you could truly write on the back of a postage stamp.  So if I can do it, so can YOU!

I have since learnt so much, met so many truly inspirational people and grown so much as a person I can whole heartedly recommend starting your business with Avon.   One of the best decisions I have ever made was the decision to Become an Avon Representative.

So apply here today and we will be in touch to discuss with you How To Become An Avon Representative and what Avon and the team can offer you.

Have a great day!

Berni x